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Fuge's Battle Beast Page

March 11, 2000: Almost all of the series 3 beasts have already been sold; only four remain. They are going to go back up on ebay. Sorry for not replying to those that had written me about them back when I did the auctions; a bunch of stuff came up and I didn't even have time to get online & reply to any of my e-mail. (it's called work & Christmas. :) If you would like to bid on some of the beasts, please check my auction list at:
I should also be putting up the weapons, and eventually I hope to list the chariots, the beetle base, 2 pop-ups, comic books, and a thermos. If you would like to join an e-mail list to be informed when these items are placed on ebay, send an e-mail to: to automatically subscribe or e-mail me and ask me to add you to the list.

No Battle Beasts are for sale anymore. Fuge has asked me (Jenn, his ex-girlfriend yet again) to auction them off for him, seeing as he never has a chance to get online & I know more html than he does & he owes me a ton of money, so I'm stuck working to get it back. If you want to buy some beasts from us, you need to do it through ebay. Use one of the links above to get to my current auctions, get to ebay in general, or join my battle beast update list.

If you are interested in MUSCLE men, please check out this page on Fuge's MUSCLE collection. They will most likely be placed up for sale after the Battle Beasts have been sold. I will also be selling some Transformers. If you are interested in any of these items, you can e-mail me and ask to be informed of when the auctions start.

If you like monsters, check out this Monster in my Pocket page. They're all for sale now. :)

Monster in my Pocket page-this is my ex-girlfriend's page; she'll sell these.

These are some odd guys I found at the flea market. I decided to pick them up.

bootleg beasts?

don't E-mail me: because he doesn't know what the hell is going on anyway.

Join my Battle Beast E-mail Update List to be informed of when I start new Battle Beast auctions by sending an e-mail to

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